About us

Providing Healing And Hope Through Therapeutic Services

Welcome to our counseling practice, where we specialize in providing therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, and groups facing emotional, mental, or behavioral challenges. Our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to helping our clients achieve healing and growth. With a compassionate and evidence-based approach, we create a safe and confidential environment for our clients to explore their emotions, develop coping skills, and find solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission at McDowell Counseling & Associates, LLC is to empower each client, by guiding them along their journey of personal growth and change. We deliver the highest-quality, culturally-sensitive counseling services in a client-friendly manner. We desire to empower our clients to heal, grow, and achieve balance.

Our Vision

Envisioning a world where every individual can find hope, resilience, and empowerment, we strive to be a leading provider of therapeutic services. Our vision is to empower individuals to overcome their challenges, improve their well-being, and create fulfilling lives. We believe in the power of therapy to bring about positive change and aim to make a difference in the lives of all those we serve.

Our Core Values

Meet Our Team Of Therapist Practitioners

Our counseling practice is staffed by a team of experienced and compassionate therapists who bring a diverse range of expertise and specialties. With a collaborative approach, our therapists work together to provide comprehensive care that addresses each client’s unique needs. From cognitive-behavioral therapy, our therapists utilize evidence-based techniques to help clients navigate their challenges and achieve their therapeutic goals. We may also collaborate with other healthcare providers to ensure holistic care for our clients.


Begin Your Journey To Healing And Growth

If you are ready to embark on a path toward healing, growth, and personal development, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team of dedicated therapists is here to support you in a safe and compassionate environment. Take that first step towards positive change, and contact us today.